Year Round Free Trials With ChillGlobal

The entire world is going crazy as we speak because of today’s discount mania known as Black Friday. It started in 1932 the US on the day following Thanksgiving Day and can be considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Getting back to the before mentioned “mania”, it truly is. Retailers will open early to let herds of berserk people storm into their stores to grab whatever they can grab as long as it’s discounted. People pushing each other, fighting over that last flatscreen TV, making absolute fools out of themselves.

But hey, it’s tradition! 

Every year the Black Friday madness is growing bigger and bigger, forcing retailers and all other kinds of companies to discount their prices more and more to quench the consumer's ever growing thirst to buy.

Videos of crazy masses of people storming into a mall, running up the escalators (sometimes even reversed!), go viral every year. People laugh, share and ridicule, but the sad reality is that it will happen again next year.

Which is exactly why we at ChillGlobal have decided to NOT join in the Black Friday madness. Because with us, it’s “Black Friday” all year round! 

For starters, we offer 20 hours of free ChillGlobal usage Every.Single.Month of the year. That means 20 x 12 = 240 hours of free ChillGlobal on a yearly basis for everybody! No need for registering a Credit Card either, just FYI.

On top of that, we offer an entire month of free trial to our newsletter subscribers. Alls you need to dois subscribe to the newsletter and send an email to our support team to receive the code for one month of free ChillGlobal in your inbox. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Happy ChillGlobal!

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