Why you should get VPN already today!

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is an intelligent system that hides the IP address of the device where it is installed. Simply: When using a VPN on your computer, it appears you connect to the Internet from anywhere else than where you really are.

The installation of ChillGlobal’s VPN is incredibly easy and takes less than 20 seconds. You can read more about ChillGlobal VPN and how it works here.

But now, back to the it's important stuff, what can a VPN do for YOU!

1. Access to all online content

You've probably received the annoying messages when browsing on YouTube saying, "This content is not available in your country". If you use a VPN, this will no longer happen to you! You can access YouTube and all other online pages from almost all countries with just a few clicks.

2. Find bargain prices on online shopping with a VPN

With a VPN you can look around on all shopping sites to find the best possible price. Instead of just your own market at home, gain access to the entire global market!

Did you know that the same product or service can be sold at two completely different prices in two different places?

For example, the same flight ticket can cost 500€ in Sweden, but only 100€ in Germany. Makes more sense to buy the one in Germany, right? With a VPN, you can!

3. Watch sports around the world

Sport is entertainment. But sometimes we are not always at home when a game is being aired.

Want to watch a Manchester United match in Bangkok? NO PROBLEM. Looking for Super Bowl outside the United States? Easy peasy! There is no sport that cannot be seen with a VPN.

4. Secure internet connection

An unsecure connection means someone can read everything you write and watch everything you do online. Many search engines collect data and record your online activities. This can then be used for example to target ads to you.

Websites track your IP address, with a VPN, you change your IP address and can thus "manipulate" the system and you surf safely and anonymously.

How’s that for advantages on why you should get a VPN already today?

What are you waiting for? Download ChillGlobal's VPN here!

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