Why should you use a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is an intelligent system that hides the IP address of the device where it is installed. Simply: When using a VPN on your computer, it appears you connect to the Internet from anywhere else than where you really are.

VPNs are well known and trusted tools for protecting users’ privacy when surfing the Internet. But there are so many more reasons why you should use a VPN!

Cheaper flight tickets, watch your favorite TV series live abroad – there are tons of possibilities where you can enjoy the benefits of virtual private network.

ChillGlobal VPN routes your Internet traffic via remote servers and hides your actual IP address. Which means that no one, not even your ISP (internet service provider), can see what you are doing and from where you are surfing the Internet. The only visible is the address of the VPN server you are connected to. Tough for anyone trying to snoop on your activities, ha!

But not only does ChillGlobal hide your IP, it also allows you to sidestep geographical restrictions, avoid buffering and several other cool things that you probably didn’t even think of. Here is what ChillGlobal can do for you: 

1. Access your favored websites abroad

One thing you might secretly miss sometimes whilst traveling or living abroad is your favorite TV show. Maybe you were in the middle of a new season, or perhaps a new episode is going to be aired exactly when you’re away. Unfortunately, you're probably aware of the fact that once you leave your home country, some of your favorite streaming sites such as Netflix Sling TV or HBO Now may not be accessible when abroad.

ChillGlobal helps you securely sidestep any restriction and censorship. If, for example, you are travelling the world but don’t want to miss a TV episode of your favorite show, simply pick on of our servers that is located in your home country. Here you can read more about why some sites are restricted and how to unlock them.

2. Save big time on flights, hotels and car hire

Did you know that ChillGlobal can help you to book a cheaper holiday? You have heard of clearing your cookies and surfing in incognito mode right? But trick to save money is to make it appear as if you are browsing from a country where the prices are lower. For example, if the tickets for your desired destination are cheaper when booked via a German website rather than the U.K, then simply pick a ChillGlobal server located in Germany. That’s it – the booking website will think you are browsing from Germany, while you are comfortably planning your holiday at home on your sofa in England.

3. Be safe using public Wifi

Public Wi-Fi networks are often poorly secured. Hackers use unsecured WiFi connections to spread malware. Then, if you exchange files, hackers can install malicious software on your computer, sometimes even without you noticing, until it is too late. In this way, hackers have access to all the information: confidential emails, credit card details or access data for social networks. Once a hacker has this information, they can access any system at any time. With ChillGlobal all your data is encrypted,  protecting your Internet traffic so that you can confidently connect and be safe on any public Wi-Fi hotspot at an airport or your favorite café.

4. Avoid price discrimination

You will notice that the prices of airline tickets, car hire and hotels can differ tremendously depending on the country! Basically this means that we are all (unknowingly) victims to online price discrimination, but with ChillGlobal you are way ahead by dodging these annoying geo-blockages which gives you access to all 15 countries. Even online shopping from Amazon or Asos can make a huge difference. Not just in price, but also in their product selections. Again, its all down to your IP location!

5. Never miss your favourite match or sports game 

When your cable TV doesn't offer the sports event you want to watch due to TV channel restrictions or you prefer to have the commentators speaking your native language, ChillGlobal is the way to go!

Did you know that with ChillGlobal you can stream all your favorite sports live from anywhere in the world? Due to broadcasting rights, many cable companies have geo-restricted their media and live cast streams so that they can only be accessed within their countries. 

With ChillGlobal smart-plugin for Firefox or Google Chrome you avoid annoying pop-up windows and error messages telling you that the content you would like to view is unavailable for your location. Different than any other tool or program, ChillGlobal is EASY to install AND use: No tech-knowledge needed! We like to keep it simple and straightforward!

We offer a monthly free usage of 20 hours (register with just your email address)! If you need more ChillGlobal user time, you can choose from one of our packages right here.

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