What is a phishing email?

The methods of snooping our private data have advanced faster than ever and it’s hard to keep up! There has been a global increase of identity - No computer is safe. It is time to put your foot down and learn where the dangers lurk and how to protect yourself from it to ensure you keep your data safe.

The most popular data hacking extraction techniques are phishing emails. This tactic is continuing to trap people into revealing their personal data at an alarming rate. 

ChillGlobal VPN protects your computer from being hacked.


Phishing is an email scam designed to steal your identity. Hackers are getting more creative to get access to our private data. They know it’s valuable and they are eager to take advantage of it. The most successful phishing emails are typically disguised to look like they come from a known or reputable source. Like for example Apple ID or your bank. 

A phishing email will try to trick you into clicking on a malicious link, or revealing your personal information. You think your anti-virus will protect you or that you will never fall a victim for opening a suspicious email. But phishing tactics are relentless and catches more and more people off guard then you would expect. Don’t be too late, this is how you protect yourself!


1. Don’t trust email spam filters. Many email providers block emails and users by sending them to the spam folder. But oce in your spam folder there are several clever ways that might break through this protection.

2. Check the email address. You can spot a suspicious email just by looking at the name of the email address. If you see that Johnny Depp or Beyoncé is emailing you – chances are the email might be a click-bait.. 

3. Think twice before opening an email or email attachment. If your curiosity got the better of you and you went ahead and opened the suspicious email, beware that by clicking on any links in the email might infect your device with virus. 

Nowadays phishing emails are a lot more complex than they used to be. Gone are the days when a distant relative put you in his will. Phising email can now take the shape as tax refund service or from your friends. Always keep in mind to be to cautious of the links – they could lead to fake websites and trick you to enter your personal details, or download a virus.

4. Is the email spelled badly? Hackers in a rush to steal things often neglect these things. If there are spelling mistakes in the email, then it’s a good reason to doubt its authenticity. 

5. Who is it sent to? A company that requires your personal details would address the email with your full name. There is a reason to get suspicious if the email has incomplete or odd information.

6. Ensure to have ChillGlobal VPN installed on your computer. A VPN tool will not protect your inbox from malicious emails. But it will protect your computer from identity theft. While using ChillGlobal, your system is hidden behind multiple VPN servers. As a result, your identity is completely secure.

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