Watch the French Open at Roland-Garros 2018

The French Open Tennis Tournament, also known as Roland-Garros, will start on May 21st and end on June 10th, 2018. As always, ChillGlobal has the solution on how to watch matches live online. Download ChillGlobal to watch Roland-Garros 2018 Online without any stress.

2018 will mark the 117th edition of the French Tennis Open, which is held every summer in Paris. The tournament, part of the ATP World Tour, consists of singles and doubles for men and women. After the Australian Open in January, the French Open is one of the most important tennis tournaments of the year.

The French Open is currently the only Grand Slam event held on clay. Because of the seven rounds needed for a championship, the slow-playing surface and the best-of-five-set men's singles matches without a tiebreak in the final set) the competition is considered to be the most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world

Locally known as Roland-Garros, the French Open will feature some of the most famous names in tennis today. Participants include Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka, Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams and Caroline Wozniacki.

Let ChillGlobal show you how to watch these tennis superstars in Paris from the comfort of your own sofa!

When is?

The 2018 French Open will start on Monday 21st of May and the qualification and practice sessions will take place over the next five days. The qualifying sessions will begin at 10:00 CEST (local time in Paris).

The women's final will be on Saturday 9th of June, with the men's final on Sunday 11th of June.

How do I watch it?

There are several ways to watch the French Open 2018 for free! Perhaps the best option for English-speaking viewers is ITV, a free transmission channel in the United Kingdom. Simply register an account with a UK postal code (you can use the postal code "WC1X 0AA"), get an Internet Protocol (IP) address in the UK and transmit in real time.

For those outside the UK you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to unlock ITV and to watch the French Open online for free. Follow the instructions below!

Free French Stream - FranceTV

Watch FranceTV, another free channel that will broadcast Roland Garros.

Unfortunately, FranceTV requires you to geographically be in France to be able to watch. Fortunately, you can get a VPN to unlock FranceTV and see Roland Garros for free wherever you are with ChillGlobal!

Tennis Streams Sub-reddit

Finally, you can head to the tennis courts to get free broadcasts of almost every game of the French Open.

While sub-reddit and free transmissions can be useful in case of trouble, the dangers of these illegal transmissions are a very real threat to the security of your device. Malware, keystroke loggers and spam are often come included with these free channels, which makes investing in a high-quality VPN service virtually essential!

How to watch Roland-Garros 2018 Online with VPN

Choose the best VPN available, ChillGlobal, sign up here!

Install the VPN software in your Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox (check with the provider to make sure your device is compatible!).

Connect to a VPN server from the country you want to watch Roland-Garros (the UK for ITV or France for FranceTV) from and head to the channels website.

All done in less than 20 seconds!

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