User Review: Rita from Berlin

Name: Rita

Age: 26

Country: Germany

Profession: Online Marketing


Could you share a little bit about yourself?

"Yes, hi, I am Rita from Portugal, Lisbon. It's going to sound strange but I never really liked living in Portugal. Lisbon is great to visit on a city trip or for a long weekend break, but to live, no thanks! People there are so narrow minded, I can't stand it! Only if you succeed outside Lisbon and return, people will praise you and recognize you. But to try and succeed there is nearly impossible. Therefore, both my brother and I left as soon as we could. He moved to Canada to work as an engineer and I ended up moving to Germany, because of an internship placement from my university. Other students got placed in cities like Tokyo and Singapore so you can imagine that I was disappointed to say the least when I found out I was going to be located in Berlin. However I ended up loving it and never left. I feel home here."

How did you find out about ChillGlobal?

"I care a great deal about my online privacy. When I heard more and more scary stories about hackers and cyber attacks and how dangerous it could be to connect to public WiFi without any kind of protection, I decided to do some online research and stumbled upon ChillGlobal. I didn't want to install anything invasive on my laptop such as a VPN client and the ChillGlobal smart-plugin for my web browser seemed the right choice for me. I feel a lot safer using ChillGlobal when I surf the net, because I'm completely anonymous and they don't store any of my data." 

For what do you use ChillGlobal? 

"For a safer and secure way of browsing the internet and to be able to surf anonymously. OK and maybe also because I like to compare prices online and look for the best possible deals, haha!"

Would you recommend the ChillGlobal smart-plugin?

"Yes, like I said, it makes me feel safer when I'm online. If you're like that yourself, definitely give ChillGlobal a try! And I guess saving on online purchases is something that everyone is interested in no?! Really, I've managed to save a bunch on trips and clothes. Sometimes carhire as well, it all depends on the country you entire the website from. ChillGlobal basically help you preventing to fall victim to any kind of tricky price discrimination."



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