User Review: Jonas from Hanoi

Name: Jonas

Age: 34

Country: Vietnam

Profession: F&B manager at luxury hotel

Could you share a little bit about yourself?

“Hi! My name is Jonas and I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden. After highschool, I moved to Switzerland to study at the hotel school "Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne" and after graduation I moved to Singapore for an internship at a luxury hotel. I got offered a permanent position and after working in Singapore for 3 years, I was transferred to Vietnam to work as F&B manager at their Hanoi location. I love Asia and to be honest,  I don't ever see myself move back to Sweden. It's way too cold!"

How did you find out about ChillGlobal?

“I'm obviously far away from home and flights can be extremely expensive. I heard about some online tool that a friend of my used to occasionally get better deals on flights. I forgot the name of the one that he was using, so I just googled and found ChillGlobal. I quickly learned that you can save big time on online shopping and purchases such as flight tickets, car hire and hotels when you enter the airline company's websites through different IP addresses.”

For what do you use ChillGlobal? 

“Like I said, mostly to save on flights and car hire, but I must admit that I also like to watch the occasional online Swedish television channel. I work crazy long hours and sometimes I will have to sleep at the hotel. To distract my mind during the few hours that I am off, I like to watch Swedish TV online. Or sometimes when I'm at home, I don't even really watch. Then I just like to have SVT1 or SVT2 on in the background whilst cooking.”

Would you recommend the ChillGlobal smart-plugin?

“I would! Especially to people who travel often and of course to all expats that are far away from home and would like to hear the sound of their mother language from time ot time. Feeling homesick is pretty horrible and I noticed that watching at or listening to TV from home could have a comforting effect.”

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