User Review: Giuseppe from Copenhagen

Name: Giuseppe

Age: 32

Country: Denmark

Profession: Graphic Designer


Could you share a little bit about yourself?

"My name is Giuseppe, I grew up in Sardinia, but moved to Denmark to study graphic design. After graduating I decided to stay, because I think that Nordic countries are quite the front runners when it comes to graphic/web design and I wanted to look for a job here, in Copenhagen. It's definitely colder here than what I was used to growing up and I still love to spend sunny holidays at my parent's beach house in Sardinia, but for now I'm stayin put. You never know what the future beholds though!"

How did you find out about ChillGlobal?

"Silly as it sounds, I was missing bad Italian movies. Which is really ironic, because I used to hate it when I was still living in Italy. But another reason is because I wanted to have access to Italian Netflix when living in Denmark. Anyway, I just did some online research and decided to give ChillGlobal a try. Firstly triggered by the 20 hours free usage per month and secondly because I like to be anonymous when I surf the web and ChillGlobal doesn't store any user data." 

For what do you use ChillGlobal? 

"Like I shamefully admitted to you before, I use it for... let's call it... nostalgia purposes, Netflix and to feel private and secure when I surf the internet."

Would you recommend the ChillGlobal smart-plugin?

"Yup, I never had any issues with watching Italian TV channels from Denmark and I can also use my Italian Netflix account without any issues. ChillGlobal doesn't slow down my internet connection and there's barely any video buffering. The quality is great and registration is easy. In general I would recommend people to use a tool to protect their online privacy. Sadly hacking and fishing has become a common threat that we should protect ourselves from as much as possible."



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