User Interview: Charlotte from Barcelona

Name: Charlotte

Age: 29

Country: Spain

Profession: Social Media Executive


Could you share a little bit about yourself?

"Yes of course! I am Dutch, but I moved to Barcelona about four years ago. I used to work in Amsterdam as an editor for Lifestyle magazines, but here I work fulltime in Social Media. To me Barcelona offers the perfect combination for a great quality lifestyle: Lots of sun, beach, a laid-back mentality, culture and amazing food. What else could one wish for?!"

How did you find out about ChillGlobal?

"Actually a friend of mine from Sweden recommended it to me. She moved to Amsterdam, but she couldn't live without her Swedish TV series and ChillGlobal has been her knight in shining armor. I think that she subscribed for the yearly package that you guys offer, but for me personally the 20 hours of free monthly usage is more than enough."

For what do you use ChillGlobal? 

"To be honest I’m not a real TV junky, but there are some Dutch TV shows that I just can’t miss out on! I also love to watch documentaries and some Dutch TV channels offer a very interesting online collection. With ChillGlobal I can choose to watch a Dtuch TV show or documentary in my own time without annoying location restrictions. Some TV channels will move their broadcasted shows to a ‘Premium’ folder one week after broadcasting. Which is fine, one week is more than enough time for me to stream the episode or show for free."

Would you recommend the ChillGlobal smart-plugin?

"I would! I am an absolute idiot when it comes to techy stuff and installing a smart-plugin, tool or program can be a real challenge. ChillGlobal was super easy to install and I got it to work within a minute. That’s an amazing accomplishment for being me. My sister was visiting at the time that I installed the plugin, because we wanted to watch a Dutch documentary together. She highly doubted my capability of installing the plugin onto my web browser, but like I said, not a single issue. Can you tell I’m proud?! Haha, no but on a serious note, besides the fact that it's super easy to install it actually really works and there's no annoying endless video buffering or it slowing down your internet connection. I would highly recommend your service to anyone living abroad."



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