Unlock YouTube Videos with ChillGlobal

YouTube is another one of those tools that we can’t imagine living without. This inexhaustible source of video content is often blocked by schools, universities, companies and corporate offices. Depending on the country that you find yourself located in, videos might be blocked due to censorships and geo-restrictions. Which means that sometimes you can stumble upon videos blocked on YouTube and see the following message: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” Annoying isn’t it? So the question is, how to unblock these blocked YouTube videos??

The solution is quite obvious. Use ChillGlobal to unblock whatever YouTube videos you’d like to watch, from wherever you are in the world! 

Simply install the smart-plugin and connect to whatever ChillGlobal server you need to be able to view the YouTube video that you would like to watch. For example, imagine if you are on holiday in the US, but you want to view a French YouTube video, simply click on the French flag and connect to the French ChillGlobal server, et voila! Of course the same applies to whichever country the YouTube video is unavailable from. 

ChillGlobal has servers in 15 countries worldwide so it’s very likely that you’ll be able to unblock your YouTube video content with at least one of them! 

By using a smart-plugin service such as ChillGlobal, you can simply bypass all those geo-location filters set by the country that you’re visiting or living in. But also restrictions set by your school or your office.

Other ChillGlobal benefits include:

Private access and complete anonymity and protection of your personal details and online data. Which means access to YouTube without you being traced or your data being saved. Of course this also applies to browsing the web, not just to watching YouTube videos from wherever you are in the world;

ChillGlobal is fast and easy to download and to install (within 20 seconds!);

Avoid price discriminiation: compare prices online and save big time on online shopping, hotels, car hire and flight tickets; 

Watch your favorite TV shows from home from wherever you are in the world;

Watch foreign TV channels when at home;

Follow your favorite sports, regardless of your own location;

20 hours of monthly free usage without the need of Credit Card registration (yup, that's 20 hours for free EACH month).


Happy ChillGlobal - YouTube and GO!


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