The story of Netflix

Netflix turns twenty-one this year and continues to expand. A great reason for us to take a closer look at the streaming platform, its success story and genesis.

The legend of Netflix: how it all started

You would think that most people could come up with an idea of a service like Netflix. The transmission portal as we know it today was created from a daily problem in USA over 20 years ago that not many people would even know about.

Legend has it that the founder, Reed Hastings, had a bad experience with a video rental store. He rented the movie Apollo 13 and could then not return the copy because; he had lost the videocassette. He found this very annoying, as he had to go to the store and pay a fine of around $40. There had to be a better way, the computer scientist was thinking on his way to his gym. And shortly after, along with Marc Randolph (also a software entrepreneur) they started Netflix, an online video rental company.

This story seems to be true first, because in 2009 Reed Hastings tweeted:

Happy Moon Landing Day! Late fees for #Apollo 13 started it all for Netflix founder, Reed Hastings – rent it today!

— Netflix US (@netflix) July 20, 2009

History and truth about Netflix

But co-founder and former CEO Marc Randolph tells a different story. After the sale of the company Hastings Pure Software and his company Atria, the two wanted to do something similar to Amazon and but with DVDs instead of books.

The new company was founded in 1997 in Delaware under the name Kibble, which later became and finally Netflix. Over time, Netflix changed its offer, instead of just DVDs, a lot of different content would now be distributed on the Internet.

Netflix success concept

Quick attempts were made to copy the concept of Netflix and many competitors bought rights for movies and series. As a result, Netflix began to develop their own films and series exclusively for users of the platform.

The first and one of the most successful series was House of Cards with two Hollywood stars in the lead roles and directed by Kevin Spacey and David Fincher. Netflix had managed to offer them contracts after seasons, a novelty in the sector. Of course, the fee also played an important role.

Another example is "Sense8", a production of the Wachowski sisters who allegedly has a budget of around $ 108 million - per season.

Other popular streaming series also contribute to the success of the broadcast platform, including “Marco Polo”, “Orange is the New Black” and “Narcos”.

Another strategy is to include serie classics in the offer. So the entire seasons of “Full House” and “Gilmore Girls” are available almost exclusively on Netflix.

The company, still managed by Hastings, is currently one of Hollywood's key distribution partners and one of the largest producers of audiovisual content. Current user numbers vary, but are estimated to around 104 million, who together watch around 125 million hours of daily movies and television programs on the broadcast platform.

Netflix also tried to bring the American franchise chain Blockbuster on board and manage their online platform, which they refused. A short time later, the latter made big losses and has almost disappeared from the market.

Although there are several competitors, such as Amazon and Maxdome, which also offer in-house productions, Netflix has its own strategies to retain users. In 2017, Netflix bought the comic book publisher Millarworld, from which “Kingsman” and “Kick-Ass” are distributed.

Where does the Netflix name come from?

The name of the transmission portal is composed from two English words, "net" for net or internet and "flix" for films in colloquial language. In 2012 Netflix started their expansion to Europe, launching in the United Kingdom and Ireland on January 4. By September 18 it had expanded to Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as well.

How to stream Netflix abroad

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