The 5 Best Thanksgiving Friends Episodes

Crazy but true, it’s already that time of the year again! The holiday season is upon us. Besides of course all the warmth, love, sharing, caring and thanking, the holidays also seem to go hand in hand with a lot of stress, irritation, tension and the wish to strangle that one annoyingly drunk family member. 

Unavoidably, inappropriate things will be said, but by the end of the day it’s all about spending time together and well, trying not to do each other’s heads in. Speaking of which, what might come in handy, is to turn on the TV for a bit of distraction. You know, to enjoy some Thanksgiving spirit together, but mostly for everyone to just shut up for a moment. And what better can we think of than some good old Thanksgivingy “Friends” episodes. They’re the best! Y’all probably already know the scripts by heart, but below you can find the 5 best “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes. They're awkward, stressful, cringeworthy and absolutely wonderful! It's the best way to escape from your own Thanksgiving stress is to enjoy theirs, just for a little while.

Share some good laughs and enjoy a glass of wine together. Yes, the turkey may be dry and the yams too soggy, but hey, it’s all part of that Autumn tradition.


Here are the 5 Best Thanksgiving Friends Episodes!


The One Where Underdog Gets Away (Season 1 Episode 9) 

And where Chandler is happy, because everyone else’s Thanksgiving sucks. 

Monica and Ross decide to have Thanksgiving dinner alone together at Monica’s, but one by one the others are “forced” to join them. Rachel can't afford to go skiing with her family, so she stays at home. Joey confesses that his family thinks that he has V.D., because he appeared in an ad campaign, so he also has to stay at home. Chandler recalls the story of why he doesn't like to eat Thanksgivingy food - it was during Thanksgiving dinner that his parents told him they were getting divorced because daddy was dating the pool boy. Then as the Macy's parade passes by, the Underdog balloon gets loose and flies away. They all rush outside onto the terrace to have a good view of the balloon and get locked out, so the dinner burns. Chandler is happy because everyone ends up eating grilled cheese sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Potatoes are ruined. Potatoes are ruined. Potatoes are ruined! 

The One With The Football (Season 3 Episode 9)

It's Thanksgiving Day and after watching a football game on television, they all decide to play their own game of football. Monica and Ross are hesitant and confess to the others that they haven't been allowed to play football since Monica broke Ross' nose in the sixth Annual Geller Cup during Thanksgiving Day a long time ago. With the gang egging them on, they decide to play anyway. Monica picks Joey and Phoebe, Ross picks Chandler and ultimately, Rachel, who is upset about being last picked. The guys refuse to include Rachel on any plays, as she is terrible at football. Monica and Ross are extremely competitive and Chandler end up fighting over a "Dutch" girl that watches them play. At the end of the game, they all retreat for Thanksgiving dinner, whilst Ross and Monica continue to fight over the ball in the dark. Then snowflakes begin to fall...

The One With All The Thanksgivings (Season 5 Episode 8) 

This is the one with all the Thanksgiving flashbacks where everyone shares their worst Thanksgiving memories with each other.

In a nutshell: Ross complaints about his divorce and his lesbian (ex)wife, Chandler loses the tip of one of his toes, when Monica drops a knife on his foot and then by mistake brings a small piece of carrot on ice to the ER. Phoebe shares one of her past lives from when she was working as a nurse during World War I. Rachel gets dumped by her high school sweetheart and then there’s the story of Joey who gets his head stuck inside a turkey. 

No need to say more.

The One Where Ross Got High (Season 6 Episode 9) 

The Geller parents are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, but they don't know yet that Chandler and Monica are (living) together. Rachel has one job during this episode and that’s to make an “English trifle” for dessert. Accidentally she mixes two recipes together: English Trifle and Shepherd’s Pie, resulting in a trifle made up out of layers of jam, vanilla custard, cream and beef and peas. Which according to Ross “tastes like feet!”. Chandler is sucking up to the Gellers, but Ross tells him that they don't like him because Ross was caught smoking weed in college and he blamed it on Chandler. Then back to that trifle and Joey’s reaction: Jam? Good. Custard? Good. Beef? Gooood.

The One With The Rumor (Season 8 Episode 9)

Oh yes, that’s the one with “used to be fat” Will (starring Brad Pitt in a guest appearance). And boy does he look delish! This time Thanksgiving dinner turns into one hilarious mess, when Rachel finds out that Will and Ross used to have an “I hate Rachel club” in high school and then spread the rumor about her having a “teenie weenie”, which turned her into the “hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island”. Welcome to passive-aggressive holiday hell.


We hope you enjoyed our selection of the 5 Best Friends Thanksgiving Episodes! 


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