How to watch the Eurovision 2018

How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2018 live online?

Eurovision is one of the largest singing competitions in the world. This year’s competition is hosted by Portugal, last year’s winners, and the grand finale will take place on May 12th in the capital of Lisbon in the Altice Arena. One country will be crowned the champion of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest and there will be a total of 26 nations performing in the final. The finalists consist of the host nation, the “big five” (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) and the countries that have made it through the previous rounds. 

You either love it or you hate it, but Eurovision has returned for another year! For those looking to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online, we have created this handy little guide so you can watch the biggest and most controversial music contest in Europe from anywhere in the world! This singer-songwriter SuRie will be representing the UK this year with her track “Storm”.

Eurovision has produced many star acts from the likes of ABBA to the most recent conquest of headlines Conchita Wurst. No matter what country you come from, some friendly rivalry will take place between the singers in the hope of avoiding the dreaded "null points".

The annual song contest is loved by many and begins with the first semifinal. It is possible to watch the final in many countries, but in some countries you may not have a subscription to the network or the TV channel where it’s broadcasted.

If you are looking for a reliable and official way to watch all the Eurovision 2018 live, including the semifinals and the final, then we have the solution for you! Find out below, how you can watch Eurovision anywhere in the world.

How to watch Eurovision 2018 anywhere in the world

If you are outside of UK you will not be able to watch it on your laptop. But with a small tool called VPN, you can change the appearance of your online location to UK and watch it on BBC from anywhere in the world.

Below you will find simple instructions on how to use ChillGlobal VPN to watch Eurovision 2018 from any country in the world.

So with a VPN you can watch Eurovision live online on BBC, no matter if you are in Austria or Australia, USA, Ukraine or even in Canada!

What is a VPN and where can I get one?

When you connect to the internet, your connection reveals your physical location by something known as an IP address. This is unique to you at the time of connection. A VPN allows you to obtain a new IP address in another country. To watch the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC, you will need an IP address from UK. ChillGlobal VPN allows you to obtain one in less than 20 seconds

You can easily access ChillGlobal by downloading a small tool to your computer. With ChillGlobal you can watch Eurovision with our 1 month COMPLETELY FREE account. But not only can you watch the song contest where ever you want, you can also watch all your other favorite programs outside your home country! So it may be worthwhile to keep the service longer, if you wish.

But who will win?

The results of the Eurovision are generally unpredictable. Thanks to ChillGlobal, you now have the knowledge on how to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately we cannot predict the winner, you'll have to enjoy watching and cheer for your country to win!

A VPN will allow you to watch both the semi- and Eurovision finals and any other TV-program and broadcast sites that are generally blocked by region.

Now that you know how to watch the Eurovision Song Contest online from anywhere in the world, check out our website and find out more what the best VPN Service can do for you! Download ChillGlobal now!

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