How to watch English Television from Abroad

So you are going abroad during the holidays or perhaps you even live abroad in some exotic part of the world. That's no reason why you cannot tune in to Internet TV and watch your favorite soap operas the moment you want and where you want it. Below you will find all the information you need on how to watch English Television from Abroad

For example, if you log in to BBC iPlayer without a VPN, you will be unable to watch anything online due to problems with broadcast rights and country restrictions. Basically, you can only watch British TV on your computer if you are in the UK. The same goes for most countries around the world. But with a VPN you can hide your IP-address so that the broadcasting website will think you are in the UK, when you actually are sunbathing in Spain or working somewhere in the Middle East.

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If the idea of missing a single episode of Eastenders or the X-Factors, then look no further ChillGlobal has the answer you have been looking for. By hiding your IP it will allow you to access the websites of the BBC and ITV and other free channels just look normal. But, what if you want to watch something on SKY? There is a big game coming up the weekend you are abroad that you don’t want to miss. No worries! If you have a subscription to SKY in the UK then you will also have access to see it on your laptop. Masking your IP with ChillGlobal VPN tricks SKY servers to think you are still in the UK. And just like that, you can continue to Watch English Television from Abroad.

While broadcasters are constantly competing to combat the ability of a VPN to reveal the true origin of a viewer, ChillGlobal VPNs work hard to make sure we stay one step ahead. From time to time, the broadcaster will be able to block an IP on the basis that they consider it a fraud, but it does not take much time for software updates to restore order! So you do not need to worry, there is really a very little chance that you would even miss a second of the Blue Planet.

There is a growing concern of the constant increasing capacity of government authorities’ ability to monitor the private activity of the Internet users. They are able to watch and record which websites you visit, collect large amounts of data from seemingly secure emails and to hack into your computer. Of course, for national security reasons this have to be possible, but how far should these snooping powers go? In short, nothing online can be hidden, therefore ensure your kids stay safe online and be aware with only providing a website with your phone number  is enough to give someone the tools they need to find out information about you. 

Not only security services have access to all this data and information. Much of the snooping is done by commercial companies for commercial reasons. This is the reason why the pop-up window ads magically know exactly what you are looking for.

Get an IP- address from anywhere in the world to watch your favorite show

If you prefer to remain anonymous and maintain your activity on the Internet private, then ChillGlobal VPN is right for you. Watch a documentary on Channel 4 or follow the events of 'I'm a Celebrity ...' the world is your oyster! ChillGlobal will not only give you access to all your favourite TV shows; it will also protect your emails and work privacy. 

ChillGlobal is incomparable in speed and security with fast servers located all over the world. Even better, our strict Non-Registration Policy means that no one can force you to reveal records about our users, because there are no records.

There are many, many other great ChillGlobal features ideal for expats from the UK or anywhere else that live or travel abroad to places like Dubai or Havana or any other part of the world.

If you want to fully enjoy your experience abroad but still be in touch with your home country, your answer is ChillGlobal VPN!

Unlike any other tool or program, ChillGlobal is easy to install and use: No technical knowledge required! We like keeping things simple and easy. Read more about ChillGlobal VPN and how it works here

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