How to watch Christmas TV from outside the UK

Sky Cinema will be the heart of Christmas this holiday season, giving you the best Christmassy presents you could hope for; the biggest blockbusters of 2017! And with no more than THREE dedicated channels: Sky Cinema Christmas, Sky Cinema Classics and Sky Cinema Musicals.

Nothing brings people together like television and films at Christmas time. And this year Sky Cinema offers their viewers the best and greatest film options. Some films will be broadcasted for the first time on UK television with the number one box office film of 2017; Beauty and the Beast leading the way. As well as some of the other important box-office hits of the year; “The movie of Lego Batman”, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2”, “Boss Baby”, “Kong: Skull Island”, “John Wick Chapter 2” and “Hidden figures”.

With a new premiere every day and over 1000 movies available on demand, viewers can enjoy the best films of the year during the holidays with Sky Cinema Christmas and Sky Cinema Classics. No matter where you are in the world, the Christmas spirit will be saved!

Sky Cinema Christmas, available on channel 303 from November 8 through December 31, will offer over 1200 hours of our most beloved holiday movies, including family favorites like; “The Polar Express”, “The Grinch” and “Home Alone “, as well as other Christmas classics like” Love, Actually” and ”It’s a Wonderful life”.


How to watch Sky Cinema on Now TV anywhere the world

When you want to watch Now TV in the United States, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Dubai, Canada, etc., you will most likely receive an error message.

This is basically because your transmission services are geo-blocked based on the IP address used to access it. You must be a user of the national website in your own country to access the Sky Cinema movies with Now TV.


Get an IP address from the United Kingdom

If you want to watch english TV from abroad on your PC then you can get a proxy ChillGlobal VPN from the UK or wherever you need it.

In addition, Now TV is not the only geo-censored streaming service that ChillGlobal will allow you to access. Other UK services such as BBC Sport, BBC iPlayer, All 4, Sky Go and ITV Hub will also be available to you. You also will have the option to switch to our service in the USA. Whenever you want you can access Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix and Pandora. Essentially you can access international TV content virtually anywhere!


Get access to all your favorite holiday television and experience Christmas abroad, feeling just like home! If you want to watch Christmas TV abroad without having to go through complicated installations, ChillGlobal is the answer you have been searching for!

Chillglobal have created the easiest VPN product on the market. Now you can watch Christmas TV in the UK and abroad whenever you want in a matter of seconds. Everything is automatic when you have ChillGlobal in your browser. It literally could not be simpler, download the ChillGlobal smart plug in for Morzilla FireFox and Google Chrome Extension and you can watch watch Christmas TV from outside the UK.

Merry Christmas!

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