How to use a VPN

Virtual private networks have come a long way. Initially, they emerged as complicated corporate systems that required complete IT administrators for your administration. Then, decades of progress and development have taken VPN technology to where it is now: elaborate, intuitive and reliable solutions for personal use.

To use a VPN is very straight forward, but there is still potential hidden which you might not know about. Of course, most cibernauts already know how to use a VPN to protect their data and privacy online. However, this is far from being the only thing you can benefit from! Today we are going to teach you how to use a VPN to the full extent!

Access to geo-restricted content

You are probably already familiar with this aspect of VPN technology, but it is so useful that it is still worth mentioning. Sometimes, the content you need can be censored for political reasons. And sometimes, it occurs as a result of a corporate decision (think of YouTube: "this video is not available in your country").

Whatever the reason for such restrictions, a VPN is the perfect solution for the problem. By choosing a foreign VPN server, you can get access to websites and services that are blocked in your country. For example, see our posts on how to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world.

More choices for the same price

Some companies, such as transmission media or telecommunications services, establish exclusive agreements with content creators. Or, certain contracts may limit the rights of media providers to distribute content to certain locations. For example, with Netflix, depending on your location, the range of available series can vary drastically.

Therefore, naturally, it is likely that changing the VPN server gives you more options to choose from. And even better; you won’t pay a penny more for additional data transmission subscriptions!

Better price options

As you can see in the previous section, some companies basically have to restrict their users, and they would not have done it if there was not some kind of obligation. In fact, they have to lose the gains they could potentially have obtained if they were issued more broadly. But not all businesses are like that! Some really use information about their geography to take advantage of you.

We are talking about companies that sell products or services online and segregate prices based on the customer's location. The most infamous examples include airline tickets (where the gap can sometimes reach thousands of dollars) and international sales. The reasoning behind it is basically like "well, the people in this neighborhood make statistically more money, so they could certainly pay us more!" As a result, prices can vary widely.

Fortunately, the solution for this is quite simple: just activate VPN and switch to a server that shows the best prices. And do not forget to delete cookies in your browser to make sure that the website cannot read the IP of your initial entry.

No more time restricted content

This one is a little more subtle, and even then you can save yourself a penny. We are talking about websites that allow you to use their services for a limited time. You know them, news resources that allow you to read your article without AdBlock disabled for just a month, or demo versions of websites that provide their services for a couple of dozen minutes a day. With the intention to hook a user and then make them pay.

Well, you can easily get even. These websites track the IPs of the users to be able to tell how long they have been on the site and deactivate them in a timely manner. Simply change your IP with ChillGlobal (you guessed it, just change the VPN server), and suddenly, it appears  like a completely new person logged in

Obtain perspective from other countries

This is the especially valuable option for international companies. You cannot physically travel to all the places where your product is present to verify if everything works as planned there.

This can include anything from the geographic scripts specific to your website to the location-oriented marketing campaigns. Fortunately, the ability to change your IP by using different VPN servers once again comes to our aid here. 

That's all folks! This is how you level up your VPN usage skill.

Download ChillGlobal now and choose the best plan for your needs!

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