How to Unlock Geo-blocked Websites

Perhaps this sounds familiar: your entire Social network is talking about a video that went viral, however ‘the content is unavailable in your location’ (read: geo-blocked). Or you pay for a streaming service that turns out to be unavailable when you are travelling, living abroad or at school or work. Extremely annoying right?! This blog post explains exactly what you need to know about why websites are blocked and how smart tools can help to get past these infamous geo-restrictions. 

Basically there are two main reasons behind the geo-blocking of websites. The first reason has to do with a certain kind of censorship from a government, school or company and the second reason is due to copyright restrictions on their media content. The number one example of the moment of course being streaming service Netflix, which doesn’t allow you to access your own account (that you are paying for!) when abroad.

By using the ChillGlobal smart-plugin for your web browser, you can avoid those annoying pop-ups and error messages telling you that the content you would like to view is unavailable in your location. Different than any other tool or program, ChillGlobal is easy to install AND use: No tech-knowledge needed! Since we like to keep it simple and straightforward, this is the simplified version of how it’s possible for governments, schools and companies to block certain online content. 

Every computer has its own unique IP Address which basically links you to all your online activities and more importantly, your location. So whenever a website blocks you due to your own location, the website has detected your IP. If you are finding yourself outside the service area of that particular website, their content will be blocked for you. The difference between the above and for example your employer blocking online content, is that they can filter the traffic going through their networks. This means that they can also decide to block content that they consider inappropriate. Many companies decided to block the access to Facebook and YouTube, for well, the obvious reasons. They don’t particularly like the idea of their employees spending too much of their time on Social accounts instead of doing their jobs.

Ok, so now that that’s said and done, let’s move on to the next step. By using a service such as ChillGlobal, everything you do is private (no way of tracing) and is re-routed by proxies (no way to determine your browsing destination) through the ChillGlobal servers. This means that you basically act like a ‘ghost’ on the web and it’s therefore impossible to block information for you. ChillGlobal doesn’t collect any of your data, which means 100% online safety and anonymity.  

Now that you know all of the above, it’s time to put it into practice! Before anything, register for the ChillGlobal free trial right here. The smart-plugin for your Firefox web browser (very soon also available for Chrome!) is a zero space invader, downloaded and installed in 20 seconds (also for non-IT nerds) AND with a monthly free trial of 20 hours. No need for Credit Card details, just your enter email address and you are ready for take-off. Once this is done, you can unlock the online content from all of our 15 participating countries, regardless of your own location. For example, if you paid for Netflix at home, you will be able to connect and access your account no matter where you are! Your IP address is changed; you are private and rerouted by proxies through our super-fast ChillGlobal servers that we have in place in every participating country: FREEDOM!

If you haven’t downloaded ChillGlobal yet, all you have to do is register. It will unlock the world for you, regardless of your own location. Whether it’s to watch and stream TV from home, access your paid streaming service accounts, follow sports from abroad or compare prices and experience the advantages of online shopping with ChillGlobal, you are now free to access any geo-blocked website. 

The world is your oyster!


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