How to STILL use your Netflix account from abroad with ChillGlobal

With ChillGlobal you can STILL watch Netflix from abroad, no problem!

Since people from all over the world have registered Netflix accounts, it is very likely that many of those will be spending a (longer) period of time outside their home country. Sadly the fact remains that Netflix only allows you to access your account from the country that you registered from. Which means that whenever you are spending time abroad, or maybe even move abroad, you do not have access to your home country's Netflix account. We have written a blog post before about how to watch Netflix from abroad
and this blog post will reassure you that with ChillGlobal you can STILL make use of your Netflix account from wherever you are in the world. Even though Netflix is trying to make it a lot harder for VPN and proxy servers to find a way around their geo-blockages. Many similar tools are already struggling with accessing Netflix from abroad, but the ChillGlobal team has managed to also find a way around the new tech tricks from Netflix to try and block the content. GO CHILLGLOBAL!

Since you subscribe to Netflix in a certain country, lets just say the United States, you get access to all movies, series and services included in the US Netflix service. This is a product available in the United States, but if you live or spend a longer period of time abroad, you will not be able to login to your Netflix account, because it is unavailable in the country because of copyright regulations. Netflix only has the rights to broadcast products included in the Netflix subscription to people located in the United States, so as you go abroad, you will loose those rights, even if you have a valid subscription that you pay for every month.

In this case the solution is to get yourself an American IP address (or a German, Austrian, Spanish, Belgium, UK of course depending on in which country you have a subscription). An IP address is your virtual address, and it will tell any website where you are currently located. As you visit the Netflix website they will control your location, and if you are outside the nation in which you have a subscription, you will see an error message saying that the content is restricted and not available (the earlier mentioned geo-blockage). The solution is therefore to get an IP address in the country in which you have an account, and luckily that is very easy to get!

Get a new IP address and watch Netflix from abroad!

To get yourself a new IP address and to watch Netflix from abroad the solution is to install the ChillGlobal smart-plugin within 20 seconds for your web browser. We offer you a free monthly usage trial of 20 hours and we don't require credit card details, just an email address, Facebook account or Google+ login. We will let you connect to our servers located in each of our participating countries. As you connect to our server in a certain country all your online traffic will be made through that server, making it look as if it origins from that particular country, regardless of your own location! In other words, if you connect to a server in the United States, regardless of your own location, you will get yourself an American IP address, and thus you will be able to go around the geo-blocked content from Netflix, and you will be able to enjoy your Netflix subscription at once!


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