How to Save Money with ChillGlobal

Saving money is one of the many advantages that a VPN client or a smart-plugin for your web browser such as ChillGlobal has to offer. This product allows you to fully access the online content of 15 different countries (regardless of your own location). This makes it super easy to take your time and compare the different prices between these different countries. You will notice that the prices of airline tickets, car hire and hotels can differ tremendously depending on the country!

Basically this means that we are all (unknowingly) victims to online price discrimination, but with ChillGlobal you are way ahead by dodging these annoying geo-blockages which gives you access to all 15 countries. Even online shopping from Amazon or Asos can make a huge difference. Not just in price, but also in their product selections.


Right, so probably this is going to sound all too familiar to everyone reading this post. For sure you have searched for flights online, then compared prices on for example Kayak or Skyscanner and then gone back to the original airline company website only to find that exactly those (YOUR!!) flight prices had increased? How does that ALWAYS happen! Is that just you..? You start wondering... Is that bad luck?? Are you jinxed to over-pay for your flight tickets, forever and ever..??

Haha, nope! Here’s the deal: Online ticket agencies know how easy it is to shop prices so they have basically combatted that by promoting kind of a stressful mentality (that seems to have the same desirable effect on everyone) “If I don’t get it now…the price of my ticket will increase!”. Not saying that ticket prices don’t naturally rise and fall (due to their ‘live’ booking system depending on demand and availability), but within the span of an hour or two. Really?? Nah, usually not.

One way to avoid this annoying problem is to search for flights using one server and then to buy that same ticket using another VPN server in the same country. As far as the search engine can tell, you’re completely different people searching for the same flight.  This way it’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience a price increase.

BUT ALSO AND MORE IMPORTANTLY did you know that online ticket agencies actually have different prices for different countries? They will sell a ticket to somebody buying from the US at a different price than that same person buying from Australia – no matter what passport they hold. 

Pretty insane no??

You should try to enter for example the Kayak website from your country but from different country IP addresses (with ChillGlobal you have a selection of 15 different countries, which means 15 different IP addresses). You will start noticing quite absurd inexplicable price differences! 

Psst… And exactly this same trick applies to booking a hire car!

To sum up: Please don’t wait any longer and try the ChillGlobal smart-plugin for your web browser right here for free! Each month you will be able to use ChillGlobal for 20 hours without any cost or need to register. So get to it, install and start saving the big bucks!



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