How to improve Online Privacy?

Keeping your private information private is getting trickier and trickier. Hackers, Cyberbullies even your next door neighbor might be snooping around trying to access your private information online! But there are ways to stay safe on the World Wide Web and here is how you do it:

1. Always recharge from a secure source

We’ve all been there, mid through conversation and suddenly the battery is empty. You are nowhere near home and you need a source to charge and quick! But be careful! Some energy sources could be dangerous: take extra care with external USB slots or computers. Intentionally or accidentally, malicious software could access your personal data, contacts and photos without you even noticing. .

2. Only download applications and programs from trusted websites or stores

Both iPhones and Android operating systems have their own Playstore to download the applications. This ensures that the application is compatible with the operating system and does not damage your laptop or smartphone. You should also remember to read the fine print in all the applications you download. Especially free apps, which often sell data for advertising.

3. Update software regularly

IT and hackers are developing faster and faster, there is already security vulnerability in almost every program. Therefore providers of computer programs regularly issue updates so your tablet, mobile phone or laptop remains secure and hackers have no chance.

4. Privacy

Public WLANs can be very handy, but also a security risk! To prevent unwanted hacker attacks, everyone should use a VPN like ChillGlobal. This gives the advantage that all user data is encrypted.

5. Regular backups

And suddenly the laptop crashes. Or worse, it's gone. Including photos, important documents and favorite movies! To maintain data security, no matter what happens to your computer, backup regularly. This means that you store all data and possibly even the system in a cloud, or even better: on an external hard drive. 

6. Store data in a safe place

Backup copies are fine, but make sure your data is safe in the location of your choice. If you have chosen a cloud, consider the terms and conditions of the cloud provider and also where the servers are and where your data may end up. Ideally, opt for servers in Germany. They have the strictest privacy laws.

7. Install the antivirus on all devices

Our beloved smartphone, almost no one remembers that this is now also a small computer. Unfortunately, it is not enough to just avoid questionable websites to be safe from viruses, Trojans and other malware. Equally false is the widespread assumption that there is no virus for Mac. Because just like Windows computers and mobile devices, there is now malware for almost every operating systems. If you want to protect yourself from hackers and cyber criminals, you should choose a comprehensive security solution

8. Protect your password

For each Internet portal and social network account, a different password can be cumbersome. But password123 is not a good choice. You can of course use the unsafe traditional way and write down passwords on a piece of paper and hide it well. But there are also password managers that can help create and remember inscrutable passwords. All you need is a unique single master password to log in to the password manager. But even without such a program, you should make sure you create a long and complex password of numbers and letters with uppercase and lowercase characters. In addition, also change the passwords regularly.

Does your head spin when you hear things like VPN, DNS, LAN or proxy server ? Then we have the answer for you!

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