How to check if Facebook shared your data

Facebook is in a bit of a pickle. As you have surely heard, it became clear a few weeks ago that the app This Is Your Digital Life had collected data from millions of Facebook users worldwide. This was commissioned by the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, who then used the data in political ad campaigns. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook has been giving testimony to the Senate committees for the past couple of days where he stated that his own personal information was also among the accounts used by Cambridge Analytica, which harvested data of up to 87 million Facebook users without their permission. The data was later used in campaigns related to President Donald Trump’s presidential bid and the U.K.’s Brexit vote.

Cambridge Analytica has since been banned from the platform — something that may lead to regulation of the social network and Facebook has also promised to make big changes to its platform to prevent further abuse of this kind.  Its no secret that Facebook tracks user data, ads related to a topic you just posted about don’t magically appear. 

Here is how you check is Facebook shared your data

How can you check if your data was shared? Easy! Just open Facebook on your phone or laptop and go to your news feed. If your data was shared or accessed by Cambridge Analytica or any other company that are now also banned from Facebook, you’ll have a notification at the top of your feed explaining who had access to your data.

At the top of this blog post you can see what the privacy notifications look like. They very clearly state whether or not you were affected and how you can double-check which apps and websites currently have access to your data.

A lot people, 87 million to be exact, will see the notification, but many people won’t — of course it is possible that you missed it and you can check at any time by going to this support link and it will tell you if your data was (or wasn’t) compromised. If you didn’t receive the notification and double checked on the support link, you were not affected by the security breech.

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