How to change your IP address abroad

Looking for an easy way to become anonymous online and gain unlimited access to any web page? We have the solution for you! Let's get to the bottom with how you change your IP-address abroad!

An IP address is your own unique identification on the web; See it as your online fingerprint. The government and internet service providers (ISP) can track all your online activities and find them just by looking up your IP address. Even your approximate physical location can be found by someone or a webpage if they know your IP address. In this blog you will find all the information about changing your IP address and browsing safely in less than 20 seconds!

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What is an IP address?

IP: Internet protocol is a reference that regulates internet activity. It enables bi-directional communication by assigning unique numeric protocol addresses to each device that is connected to the global network, which we call the Internet. Thanks to IP addresses, computers around the world can communicate with each other. They allow ISPs to distinguish their device from billions of others connected to the web. Essentially, the features of IP addresses are to locate and identify you online and make sure your device can communicate with the sites or services you want to access.

Why should you change the IP address?

While browsing the web or interacting with social networks, you cannot be sure who is watching you. Internet service providers can monitor all your online activities - and worse, they can monitor your information for advertising purposes without your consent.

Other reasons why you should change the IP address:

* Anonymity and integrity; with a hidden IP-address, your location can not be found and nobody can see you've been online - your activities can not be tracked!

* Unblock all web pages. By changing your IP address to the country you want to access, you will escape geographical restrictions and can watch all movies, shows, sports and music as if you were actually there.

Without a VPN, everyone can see your location and your private data is in danger. With a VPN you can change the IP address and access geoblocked internet pages and no one can find out your data.

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Other benefits of using a VPN are:

• Save on flights when searching for airline tickets online

• Save while shopping digital products onlinefrom Amazon, Microsoft, iTunes, Adobe, etc.

• Call free to all mobile phones and landlines anywhere in the world.

• Stop others on public Wi-Fi hotspots to see (and potentially steal) your data

• Encrypt your data - Prevent hackers and spies from stealing your personal and financial information.

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