How do I know my VPN is safe and reliable?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is the best way to keep your online activity completely private. When using a VPN service, your internet provider can only see that you are connected to a remote VPN server but cannot distinguish the pages you browse or the content that is displayed.

It sounds very simple, but if we would tell you that the data of your online activity can still be publically viewed, even though you are using a VPN? Unfortunately, not all VPN providers have the best in mind for their users. Even though you use a "free" VPN service, you may in fact be paying for it in other ways. For example with your own private data!

ChillGlobals VPN however, does not save any data, so you can navigate safely and 100% anonymously online.

How do VPN services earn money?

Apart from the technology behind each VPN solution, the common denominator for all services is the server network. It is to this all users connect to and what generates traffic. The traffic has costs supported by the VPN Company. Whether they rent the servers or purchased them, the costs are still there and must be covered.

Each VPN company has its own strategy for covering these costs. What is important to consider is how your privacy is protected and how to get the maximum value out of your money spent in terms of features and performance, which you can expect from a VPN solution. Not only just navigate the web safely.

How to choose a secure VPN provider

If you do not want third parties to know everything you do online, then we do not recommend using a free VPN solution. Yep, you read correctly - do not use a free VPN solution. The "free" bit is only apparent. 

ChillGlobal minimizes traffic costs by limiting the volume of free usage each month.

Everybody knows that nothing comes for free these days. A VPN service that is completely free still has all the associated costs, so how can the company then make money to support this service? They only have two options: either by lowering the service level or by using your information that you provide them ... or both ...

Therefore, we recommend using VPN from ChillGlobal. ChillGlobal smart plugin for Firefox or Google Chromw does not save any data, which means it cannot be passed on and you are 100% secure and anonymous online.

Unlike any other tool or program, ChillGlobal is easy to install and use: No technical knowledge required! We like keeping things simple and easy.

We offer one month free use of 20 hours (sign up with your email address)! If you need more ChillGlobal user time, you can choose from one of our packages here!

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