All You Want For Christmas


Every year, you're blown away by the amazing gifts you find in your stockings and under the tree.

But how does Santa Claus always know exactly what to get you for Christmas?

Sometimes even before you realise that that’s exactly what you wanted!


Well, for starters he’s keeping a very close eye on all your Internet activity…

Sneaky Santa simply uses your IP address to see which websites you like to visit, checks your browsing history and looks up all the chats you had with your friends and family. How jingle ballsy of him!


He’s secretly stalking all your Social Media accounts…

Santa’s NSA elves help him monitor all of your Social Media activity, snoop around in your Google searches and even know all about your Amazon wish list. 


He can tell when you’re asleep…

The sleep tracker on your smart lets Santa know when you are sleeping and when you’re awake.

Which is probably why you’ve never been able to catch him coming down your chimney…


He knows where you are…

Santa uses your health tracker app to follow you everywhere you go. He’s able to see where you are and where you’re going.

There’s no hiding from this old geezer!


So does any of the above give you a bit of the creepers?

Then simply make sure to protect your online privacy with ChillGlobal!


Because no one needs to know that much about you. Not even Santa.

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