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What is the best tool to watch TV from abroad?

Is ChillGlobal a VPN service?

Yes and no. It offers the same kind of service as a VPN client, but technically ChillGlobal is a smart-plugin, not a program and is therefore much easier to install and delete. You don't need any technical knowledge to install ChillGlobal, whereas a VPN client requires IT background to install. Also, ChillGlobal doesn't take up any of your computer space.

By using the ChillGlobal smart-plugin for your web browser, you can avoid pop-ups and error messages telling you that the content you would like to view is unavailable for your location. Different than any other tool or program, ChillGlobal is easy to install AND use: No tech-knowledge needed! We like to keep it simple and straightforward.

By using a service such as ChillGlobal, everything you do is private and is re-routed by proxies (no way to determine your browsing destination) through the ChillGlobal servers from one of the 15 participating countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. This means that you basically act like a ‘ghost’ on the web and it’s therefore impossible to block information for you. ChillGlobal doesn’t collect any of your data, which means 100% online safety and anonymity.

We offer a monthly free usage of 20 hours (register with just your email address)! If you need more ChillGlobal user time, you can choose from one of our packages right here. Also, by using ChillGlobal you can save on online purchases by comparing prices between different countries for for example car hire or flights.

To sum it up: With ChillGlobal you can stream and watch TV, movies, music and sports outside your home country or from 14 other countries when at home, save big on online purchases and browse the net completely anonymously.


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- What is the best tool to watch TV from abroad?

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ChillGlobal lets you watch Movies, TV, Sports, browse the internet, and shop without borders wherever you are. No Credit Card needed to get started!

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ChillGlobal is a VPN Extension for Firefox that allows you to access online content from 15 countries worldwide – regardless of where you are.